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Check here often!!!!!
As we run across really good discontinued items or we
just feel like reducing
inventory - this is the
section where we offer them
at a HUGE dicounted price.
It could be anything from
Waterford Crystal to
Soccer Trophies to flag cases.
Quantities are not guranteed until
your order is placed!!!!
Any item on this page is a
first come, first served basis
Please call to confirm any item
on this page is still available!!


Marquis by Waterford - Brookside Flutes
Set of 2 engraved for $29.99

Wooden Keepsake Stand only

True Romance - Porcelain Cake Topper

Take my Hand - Porcelain Cake Topper

Beach Bride & Groom - Porcelain Cake Topper

Exasparated Bride - Porcelain Cake Topper

Couch Potato Groom - Porcelain Cake Topper

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